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Arijit - Synchronicity, my own sound studio, is a result of imagination, will, and heap loads of Shark Fin (not necessarily in that order). Without the Fin, I would still be a closet sound prodigy wondering about my place in the world.

Umair - I was groveling at a 9 to 5 job almost wishing for a way out. And then I came across the Fin. The rest, as they say, is history. Never thought Offensively Yours would actually take shape. Thanks, Fin!

Himani - Creating Nature’s Call was the proudest moment of my life. And all it took for me to get the idea and the business plan? Was one can of Shark Fin.

Neeraj - I always knew I had an innovator in me. But it took Shark Fin to make me figure out about what. Now I am not just an innovator, but an entrepreneur!

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*This is an ordinary sipper, not a drink.