India's first and only English-music singing show is back with Season 3 !
Be a part of the journey to find the best English singing talent in the country.
Please submit your entry below. If selected, you will be called to audition at the venue closest to you.
Tell us a little bit about yourself &
why you want to participate in the stage
Tell us An artist/musician you idolize & why
Do you play any musical instrument?
Are you professionally trained in music?
Have you ever performed live at a gig/music festival?
If yes, for how long have you been performing & where?
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Please select two youtube url or two videos.
Both versions must be clean and without any effects added
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Both versions must be clean and without any effects added
Alternatively you can e-mail your entries in the same format as above, to:
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Frequently asked questions
Is this an online audition or an entry?
This is an entry, not an online audition. Based on your entry, you may be shortlisted to come to an audition center nearest to you.
What is the difference between a singing group and a band? Are both eligible to apply?
Singing groups or duos, where ALL the members are singers are eligible for the competition. However, bands with guitarists, drummers, etc. are not considered a singing group and hence not eligible for the competition.
Do the two versions of the song have to be the same song with and without background music, or they can be different songs?
The two versions of the song must be the SAME song – one version with the backing music track, and one version without any backing music track. Both versions must be clean, without any added effects.
Should I record my track separately, and lip sync in the video; or should I directly record myself singing?
Please do not submit videos with lip-syncing. Each submission should be the applicant directly singing in the video/audio track.
If I do not wish to upload my videos on Youtube, what are the alternative solutions?
Alternatively, email us your application at thestage@colorsinfinity.com. Your email MUST contain:
i) your answer the questions on the application form available at www.colorsinfinity.com/thestage/
ii) two versions of your video submission – one with the backing music track, and one without.
If I choose to upload my video to Youtube, how do I submit an “unlisted video”? What does “unlisted video” refer to?
An unlisted video is a different type of private video. "Unlisted" means that only people who know the link to the video can view it. Please follow the following steps during uploading your video, in order to unlist it:
i) Click on the “Upload” page link on Youtube.
ii) On the “Upload” page, right below the “Select Files to Upload” link, there is an option to make your video Public, Private, or Unlisted. The default selected option is Public. Change this to Unlisted, and upload.
Are songs recorded in a recording studio, without any effects eligible for selection process?
Yes, as long as they do not have any added audio effects.
Can I record my song on my phone?
Yes, as long as it is clear, audible and no effects have been added.
How will I know if I have been selected or rejected?
If you are shortlisted based on your online entry, you will be asked to come to an audition center nearest to you to give an audition.